Become a Volunteer

Why Volunteer with Us

Step 1

Follow us on Facebook

We announce volunteer placements and introductory meetings on our Right 2 Smile Facebook page.  Please follow it.  If you are not a Facebook user, send us an email.

Step 2

Introductory Meeting

We organize an Introductory Meeting approximately 9 months ahead of every project.  For example, the June-September Kenya placements, we organize this in October of the year before.<p><p>In this meeting you will be given an idea of the project we work on in that specific country & what to expect if you join.

Step 3

Online Booking

A few days after the Introductory Meeting we publish an online Registration Form.  Filling this form saves you a place out of the 12 in each group.  Places fill up within 24 hours usually.

Step 4

Registration Fee & Flight booking

Within a few weeks after the Registration Form is filled, your payment of the one-time €75 Registration Fee to Right2Smile makes you a member of the NGO.  Booking of the flight is then 100% confirmation that you will come to the project