How we spread smiles

Right to Smile is an NGO run by people, volunteers themselves, who have felt the magic of being on the projects and who have been moved to continue contributing and receiving so much energy back. Right to Smile gives us a platform to be creative, to be part of a family of motivated and inspired individuals and to see our work manifest with the people we have come to love across the world. Our ultimate aim is for our input to eventually be providing minimal support and for the communities we work with to be self-sustained and empowered.

Responsible Volunteering

Responsible volunteering involves everyone thinking about and taking responsibility for their actions. We pride ourselves on being ambassadors of responsible and meaningful volunteering through the creation of sustainable, grassroots programs that genuinely address the communities’ needs and have their best interest at heart. For volunteers, it involves having an open mind, preparing yourself well before hand and respecting people, cultures and local environments.

Travel Education

We offer a cultural program, not just work but a complete experience.

Our programs attract the learning traveller. We believe that education I one thing you will carry with you all your life. You will live within the host community and gain a deep understanding and respect of their culture and way of life. We will give them insight into your culture. This two-way cultural exchange Travel Education puts down barriers and promotes international understanding.

Lifelong learning

We encourage you to reach your full-potential.

By volunteering with Right to Smile, you will be invigorated by the real life situations you encounter, which will give you the confidence to push your boundaries and kick-start new ideas.

We aim to instill a sense of responsibility, a feeling of empathy and a desire in the ACTivist in everyone that joins us on an experience that counts!



Why Volunteer with us?

When you embark on this journey with Right to Smile, you will discover your inner strengths and amplify your leadership skills. The invaluable hands-on practice will empower you to become a dynamic leader in your personal, academic and professional life.
This way, you create more than memories and friendships from your overseas volunteer activities, you gain an international cultural experience that has a genuine benefit for you and the community, for years to come.
Become a Volunteer



We aim to offer quality education to boys and girls in the rural areas where we work. The schools are inclusive, independent of religion, caste and gender. Teachers at the schools are from the local area too. This is important for two things, kids get to be followed all year round and at the same time, we empower local people.


Community Empowerment

Our programs are focused on supporting community development in the villages with long term objectives. Community Empowerment is at the centre of the project as it not only focuses on the children who attend the school but the parents, children and families in the surrounding villages with focus on women empowerment.




Medical Outreach Programs we recognize that a thriving community is an important necessity for healthy happy children, so we also offer medical camps in the villages at regular intervals to help the families with any health issues they may be facing.